Monday, July 6, 2015

Mexico Pachuca - Week 86 - July 6, 2015

(Excerpts from his email)

hey mom and dad. o i am so full. we just had a zone activity and ate the loads of tacos. one of our investigators has a taco restaurant so he came and made us tacos.  i am doing good. Sunday is definitely the most important day of the week especially as a missionary but everyday should be a day for us to get closer to the Lord like you said. we just have to recognize those teaching moments. in the mission we have been focusing a lot on the sacrament and why its so important.

D: Can you tell us a little about the zone activity?  How did this week go?

in the activity we played family feud with like church questions and then we played human foozball. that got pretty intense but it was super cool. the week was good. we found some new people to teach but they told us they weren’t gonna be able to go Sunday to church so that kinda sucked but we are hopeful for things to improve haha. i think we need your prayers for the ochoa family. they have 2 kids who we are teaching that can get baptized but their parents haven’t given the ok yet. they are members but haven’t gone in years. so we are hoping and praying for them

M: We will add our prayers for your family.

Do you guys do anything different on Sundays that you don't do on the other days, other than go to church?

EP: Reports haha. we go to church we have ward council. we eat. we receive reports from the zone and then we work for a couple of hours. then at night we report to the assistants the numbers from the zone. 

M: So it's, mostly reporting, putting your numbers in order.  Do you still go visit families, have appointments, is that what you mean by work?  How do you keep the spirit all day long, or is it all week long?  I know I think I am rambling, just trying to get a sense of the day.

EP: ya that’s work haha we usually get like 2 or 3 visits in. its hard to keep the spirit all the time. basically just doing what were supposed to and focusing on what we are doing. obviously sometimes you feel it more than other times but someone said when you are doing everything you are supposed to be doing it should just be normal. you should get to the point where you’re thoughts are the same as the spirit talking to you. i don’t know, its super hard to know when the spirit is talking to you or if its just you thinking. but the sacrament has really become a special moment for me. i have been able to feel a spirit really special during the sacrament

M: That's awesome son. We too have been concentrating on the sacrament.  I have tried to decide before hand what i want to focus on and that helps. I agree about the Spirit. Sometimes I ask dad, if i am over analyzing stuff or is it really a message from the Lord. Someone once asked when do you act upon a prompting if you’re not sure it is a prompting. The answer was to act on it anyway, just in case. i am learning how to listen to the Spirit, and you are right, it's not always easy, but what a wonderful thing if it became normal!

EP: That’s what elder bendar told us. the best way to know is to act and you will know by the fruits if it was the spirit or not. but you always should act and sooner or later the Lord will tell you if it was a good choice or not but He will never let us go to far down the wrong path before correcting us.

M: That is good advice and I know that it is true.  We act and we will probably know pretty quickly if we heard correctly or not. I'm sure that there is also a lesson in there for us to learn if it was not the right thing to do!
So a story?

EP: ok fast story cauze i gotta go. so we went with Liz and Humberto. Liz is our investigator that needs to get married and they are super cool. She was the one who pushed Humberto to get active in the church again. She is awesome. She told us i have been reading and have seen a huge difference in my life. before i never did anything to get closer to god but now i am and it feels so different. she just is so much happier. she jokes around she is always smiling. its amazing the changes the gospel brings to our lives. we just need them to get married as soon as possible so she can get baptized. sorry its a short one but we gotta go love you guys have a great week.

Elder Park

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