Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Mexico Pachuca - Week 87 - July 13, 2015

(Excerpts from his email)

hey thanks for everything. we got the box and my companion said thank you. this week was a really good week and a really bad week at the same time haha. we worked super hard and had more than 50 lessons this week but of all the people we visited no one came to church so that was hard but another learning experience. other than that everything is good. interviews with president this Thursday so that is always good 

M: Looks right!  Last box, next time you get those goodies, you will be home.

EP: sounds good haha and so much other food that i haven’t had in forever haha.  something kinda cool happened this week. we went to go knock a door of a reference that someone gave us and when we passed by the neighbor like closed the door haha. so i was like well looks like she doesn’t wana talk to us. so the lady we were looking for wasn’t home but the neighbor opened her door again so we went over and started talking to her. she accepted us super cool and she didn’t have a lot of time but we talked for like 5 minutes and then she accepted to get baptized. it was super weird but super cool and then she asked us where our church was and if she could come and a bunch of stuff. unfortunately she went home last week and doesn’t come back till later this week so we will see what happens. then when we were gonna leave she was like wait ill go with you guys and i was like what???? where? and she was like well my dog ran away so i gotta go look for him and i will just walk with you guys. so she started walking with us a little bit and we were just talking. she seems super cool so hopefully she can progress

M: It often makes you wonder why the Lord puts these people in your path. Sometimes we find out and other times we don't. Interesting little story.  Hopefully she will come to church next week.  Just keep planting seeds.

How's your two boys, any changes?

EP: hopefully. ugh the little boys are super crazy and their parents are like whatever. they really don’t care about anything and it sucks. sacrament talk um. i like the teachable moments things. the gospel should be a part of our lives and not just a Sunday thing but it  should definitely all lead up to Sunday and the sacrament. its the most important part of pretty much everything we do. its interesting cause its the only ordinance we do for our selves more than once. and we do it every week. i think elder Holland has a video about the sacrament that we watched here that was super good.

M: I like the idea of everything we do should lead up to Sunday and partaking of the sacrament.  As we look for teachable moments it will help us prepare for Sunday. Boys will be boys, but don't give up. Their souls are important too!!

EP: yes i know super important but without their parents they can’t do anything so that sucks but we are working on it. trying to see what we can do.

M: Okay, so you all good son?

EP: yeah everything’s all good. thank you i will talk to you guys next week love you

Elder Park
Zone Activity from Last Week

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