Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Mexico Pachuca - Wek 68 - March 2, 2015

(Excerpts from his email)

This week was ok. We didn’t have any of the baptisms we were hoping for but hopefully things work out this week. Today we got to watch meet the Mormons and it was pretty sick. We want to try and get a copy to watch it in the ward as a ward activity. Blanca is still like yes and no she hasn’t decided yet and its like ugh. and Alberto had something to do this weekend with his granddaughters so he couldn’t but ya he’s gonna get baptized this Saturday if everything goes as it should. He’s excited and we got everything ready, just got to get to Saturday without problems. Joseline is good she’s gonna get baptized the 14th. we talked to the dad yesterday and everything seems good. Abi is gonna get married tomorrow hopefully so also on the 14th she will get baptized. 

M: That's great son, four this month I would guess is a good number. Are there any new people you are working with.  How did the surgery go for the inactive mom that you gave a blessing to?

: aw she couldn’t go. the doctors wouldn’t receive her so she has to wait until Wednesday. um this Sunday a sister came to church with her friend from another ward so we are gonna visit her Friday and we are pretty excited about that. when they come to church with out us inviting them its usually a pretty good sign haha.
Today we are gonna go do visits with the guy we baptized a couple weeks ago so we gotta go a little early to pick him up. he’s amazing. he’s going to institute he’s gonna receive the Melchizedek priesthood he’s thinking about a mission. he’s gonna come do visits with us all day today and were gonna take him to Blanca so he can share his testimony and hopefully help her so she can get baptized and he can baptize her. its what i have been thinking about a lot lately. maybe i haven’t baptized a whole bunch of people but i think that the majority of my converts are still going to church. it sucks to see people who just got baptized that don’t go to church any more. i was a little nervous about one the boys i baptized in Xico but elder piña told me he’s doing great goes to church and is even going to seminary now. so i feel good about the people i have baptized. 

D: That’s amazing Trent.  Yes continuing to go to church, continuing to see growth and blessing is where true happiness is. Is seminary the same in Mexico?

EP: ya seminary is the same here i think. its a little harder here cause the schools are weird you can go in the afternoon or in the morning so its a little harder.

M: A story please.

EP: haha ok. um this Friday we had a ward activity that was awesome. we just played sports and everything. the ward is super cool. and at the end the winning team threw water balloons at the losers. of course i won haha but a family of investigators started chasing me and grabbed me and popped a balloon on my head. it was super fun. i don’t have a lot of time here but there are a bunch of people that are super awesome. it was crazy we had 8 investigators in the activity and only like 3 in church haha that sucked

M: You have to start somewhere, and sometimes it is less threatening to start with an activity. Well we are praying for a great month of March, amazing how it is March already.  Ty's first song contest in a few weeks.  He will also be 15 and already wants to drive.  But, if January and February were any indicators, March will fly by just as quickly.  So do what you can work as hard as you can because your time in Mexico is quickly passing by.

EP: ya time is going by so fast its crazy. today i complete 17 months in the mission. its crazy but things are going good. i gotta go i will talk to you guys in a week love you

Elder Park

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