Monday, March 16, 2015

Mexico Pachuca - Week 70 - March 16, 2015

(Excerpts from his email)

this week went well for us. crazy, insanely crazy some days, but really good. we had our two baptisms for Blanca and Joseline which was super awesome and Abi and Luis got married so tomorrow she will be baptized. things are looking good.

M: Great to hear that Blanca and Joseline went well. That must have been a very special baptism for you, especially Blanca. 

: ya the baptism for Blanca was awesome. it was funny i wanted to baptize her so bad haha. we told her Gibran or my companion could baptize her and she was like you cant? and i was like no sorry i baptized once and i cant do it again in the mission and she was like ugh and why didn’t you wait for me? and i told her well why didn’t you tell me earlier? it was cool and she got baptized and everything went good. After she bore her testimony and it was awesome it was kinda of like this. she was like i don’t know what to say I’m not very good with words but i just feel so happy. i don’t know how to explain it but i am just so happy. i was thinking over this decision for a long time now and i don’t know why it took so long. its the only smart decision to make. to follow my heavenly father. my 2 daughters are here today and i am so grateful and happy they are here with me. i hope they can follow my example and follow the steps of our heavenly father and we can all move forward together. it was so powerful. her grandson was like o i wana get baptized too when am i gonna get baptized? 

M: That is awesome, the simplicity of the testimony tells it all, it’s what your dad says all the time, the gospel just brings happiness, a happiness that we don't even know we are missing till we have it.  Are her daughters investigating, how old is the grandson?  Who baptized her?

EP: my companion baptized her. we are gonna talk to her daughters more. one lives here the other one no. it was crazy cause this was the first week that the daughter changed her work to have Saturday and Sunday off. so she came to church for the first time. her grandson is only 4.

M: Well, 4 years is a good amount of time for her to stay active and really grow into the ward so that he can be baptized at 8.  Hopefully by then his mom is also very active. Did you get in the water to assist? 

EP: nah only for Alberto.

Alberto's Baptism

 M: So what is on the plate with the loco moco, looks like fried fish.

EP: ya it was a fried fish. my companion made that. There’s a little more fish here because we are in the city. we went to Walmart and i found spam and a bunch of stuff for the loco mocos.

EP: in the mission we learn how to make do with anything. my spam was getting old and our stove just broke so i had to use the heater.
we also went and painted the sisters house this morning it was interesting. 

M: Did everyone eat the spam?  Do Mexican's like spam?
What's up with the paint job?

EP: ya everyone ate it. i think so. spam is super expensive here. we had some problems with the paint it was a disaster but in the end everything went well. they put like the loads of water in the paint at first and so it was like milk and didn’t work at all so i was like mixing it with my hands and it was horrible.

M: I need a story, any story, why was your week crazy?

EP: ok so Tuesday Abi and Luis went to go get married but they went to the wrong government building. they were mad they were irritated and so they came all the way back home with out getting married. we talked to the sister who was helping us with the marriage and she was like no they have to be here or i am gonna be in serious problems in my job and we are just gonna have major problems. so i was like no this cannot be happening. we go talk to Abi and Luis and they don’t want anything they are just upset and i was like noooooo. but we got them a ride they went super fast and got there exactly at the moment they had to to be able to get married. Luis was super worried about his work cause he had to be there at 3 and he had some weeks not working so he needed this job. he got there at like 330 but everything worked out and he even got to sleep a little while to relax. i was totally freaking out all morning. mad confused just everything in one but at the end of the day the Lord was good to us and really only with His help things worked out. so that was Tuesday. Thursday i went to a training in presidents house with another elder. we left our companions together and everything good. but we get on the bus and realize we both have the cell phones and we didn’t leave one with them. i was like ok that’s not good but everything is gonna be ok. we get back and it was horrible. they weren’t waiting for us where we were gonna meet. we waited for them for like an hour and they never show up. so we go to visit some people hoping to find them and we cant find them. so the elder i was with starts freaking out and it was just crazy. we finally find them like 3 hours later and it was just a bunch of stress and worry and it was funny. but the elder i was with got mad cause they didn’t come and meet us where we were supposed to meet cause they were eating. it was a terrible excuse and he was super pissed 

M: So tell me son, what was your learning in all of these crazy, stressful moments?

EP: first of all i am never gonna marry any one ever again in my whole life unless its me haha. second i don’t know remember the little things and everything just goes better. i was pretty relaxed it was my companion for the day that was more freaked out. but i don’t know, the main lesson is the first one that i learned

M: Okay, so I am translating:
1. you don't want to be a wedding planner, you want to get married once and that's it.
2. Don't sweat the small stuff, in the end, if we are doing the right things, the Lord will bless us and we will be okay. You have learned to chill a bit, that's really good cause I have not!

Good lessons I guess.  what was the meeting at president's about?

EP: it was just like a district leader training thing. it was pretty boring to be honest. the training part but when president and sister Egbert talked it was awesome. 

M: That's very cool.  Trainings are not always fun, just take what you can from it.  It's always good that you take from President and Sister Egbert, they have been true blessings in our lives.

So you good?

EP: ya I’m good mom. i am really good. i feel good and everything is going pretty good here but i will talk to you guys in a week i love you. have a great week. 

Elder Park

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