Monday, March 9, 2015

Mexico Pachuca - Week 69 - March 9, 2015

(Excerpts from his email)

hey mom sounds good, sounds crazy but good. This week was good for us too. Alberto got baptized and Blanca and Joseline are getting baptized this Saturday so things are going good. We had a district activity today and we ate loco mocos. It was so good but it was so weird i got full super fast i couldn’t even finish. The food is just so different I’m not used to normal fat unhealthy food any more haha. 

M: Yeah for Alberto, I think he was totally ready.  I am excited for Joseline and Blanca.  So how come you guys had loco mocos, who made them?

: i made them. No one else can make them no one else knows what they are haha. We just had a district activity. We ate and played soccer and i made the food. 

M: That is cool, I am impressed.  How did the others like it?

EP: they said it was good. I can’t send the pictures this week but next week i will haha. I am so full i feel like I’m gonna die haha. 

M: How much did you eat?!?!?!?!

What else is going on with you, why was it a good week?

EP: i barely ate. I ate like a smaller loco moco than a mini haha. The best part of the week was the baptism. It was really amazing. Alberto is amazing. We talked with him like 3 or 4 times this week and it was just awesome. He was just telling us how happy and content he is. How excited he was to get baptized. He also has a lot of medical problems so i got to go in the water and help. He can’t bend his knees so i held his legs when he got baptized. It was awesome. After his baptism he shared his short testimony and was just all smiles. I almost cried haha. He just said i was looking for a change in my life and i found it. I am happy and grateful you are all here with me today and i am grateful for my heavenly father for all he has blessed me with. 

M: Wow,  that is awesome son.  It is probably an amazing feeling when you feel the strength of the testimonies of your converts and you know in your heart that they are ready.  And you got your second in the water baptism, kind of!  Special.  Crying is not a bad thing, it is the Spirit bearing witness that He is there and that all is good and well.  Those kind of confirmations are the best.

EP: haha ya it was cool. That’s the worst part about the mission to be honest not being able to baptize. Like i would love to baptize Blanca this week but its ok. I know there’s a reason why but it still kind of sucks haha. Its crazy Blanca is gonna be the first baptism I’m gonna have from a street contact. One night we were walking in the street and she was sitting out side in front of her house. We walked past her and i was like hey I’m gonna go talk to her. We went back talked to her and she was only there cause she forgot her keys and couldn’t get in. now she’s gonna get baptized and its just awesome haha.

M: So you good, you have a story to share with me?

EP: um the Alberto story haha. Also we went to visit Blanca and i was with my leader because we were in divisions. I was like ok we gotta get her to accept to be baptized lets see if you can do it since you're my leader. so we get there and i start talking to her about her prayers and if she has received an answer and what she thinks about baptism and she was like well I’m not gonna be able to go to church this Sunday but next week yes so why don’t i just get baptized next week. And i was like um ya that’s perfect haha. She made her own date to get baptized. I was just like wow you got off the hook you didn’t have to do anything. And then with Joseline we can rarely ever talk to them because they are always working so we go Sunday morning. And they are like ya this Saturday is perfect at 6. And Joseline had her interview in church on Sunday and passed perfectly and things just fell into place. We met a new person. Her name is Alejandra and she went to church this Sunday for the third time. She is super excited she loves the church and accepted a baptismal date super fast. It is awesome. Things are just coming to us here. 

M: That's great son, what did grandma say in her talk at your farewell, miracles follow perfect obedience.  You are experiencing that and you should be very proud and you should strive to carry on that way for the rest of your mission. I know that we are very proud, all of us here. You are doing great things.

EP: haha thank you. I will talk to you in a week. Love you guys. Have a great week

Elder Park

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