Monday, February 2, 2015

Mexico Pachuca - Week 64 - February 2, 2015

(Excerpts from his email)

this week was amazing. we had a great week. we worked super hard finally got more than 40 lessons here but the best part was we had 8 people in church this week and they are progressing really well. Gibran had an amazing experience. Monday at work he was kinda relaxing and he said a prayer. he just asked to know if it was true and if this was what God wanted for him in his life. He said he felt super peaceful and just forgot about everything and just stood there in front of one of the machines in his work and felt an overwhelming feeling of peace. We had a lesson with him Wednesday and he came late. we were like aw man that sucks and we started walking away. He comes running literally running and sweating and like no Hermanos don’t go I’m here. haha so we start walking back to the house and he just puts his arm around me super happy with a huge smile and was like Hermano i got my testimony. I almost cried it was awesome. that was probably the best moment of the week but it was a really good week. About your eternal perspective thing its something i have really noticed in the mission. in 2 Nephi 2:27 it says there are only two choices the path of god and happiness or the path of the devil and death. Whenever i share this scripture we talk about how there are only two choices. and when we think about it this way its an obvious choice. we always will choose life and happiness with god but most times we don’t think about it that way. we just think its only one Sunday I’m not gonna go to church next week i will go. or i can pray tomorrow. but when we choose not to do those simple things we are really choosing the other path. 

M: Wow, son, what an awesome experience.  I know that the spirit is aiding you in your efforts. I also know that the spirit is working cause you feel like crying, I know the spirit is working in me when I can't stop crying.  What happen with the others?

: Blanca came to church again with her grandson and i think she really loves it. the family of a less active sister(her husband son and nephew) who is getting reactivated came with her and it was super awesome. her husband is super cool. we met a guy this week who is super prepared and ready to accept the gospel. we are seeing some amazing things happen right now in the area. we are super happy. February and march should be great months. 

M: So what happened to the Mendoza family, they didn't make it.  I'm a little confused.  Blanca and her grandson (2), the less active and her husband and son and nephew (4) and then another guy (1), and Gibran (1) so eight people came to church!  That's amazing.  Tell me about the other guy and a story please!

EP: i told you a story about Gibran haha. nah they didn’t make it i really don’t know what else we can do. i think we are gonna try baptize the kids cause the two daughters are super ready. the oldest one got an answer super cool. she said a prayer and was really looking for her answer and then she opened her book of Mormon to ether it just opened there and she started reading. i think at the end of chapter 4 it talks about baptism and how you need to be baptized to be saved. she just said in that moment she felt the need to be baptized cause she knows that God wants her to be saved. she just felt that in her heart and she wants to be baptized but for economic problems the parents are like no. the mom wants to but doesn’t trust in the lord enough to go to church and not work. and its hard cause like i know exactly what they need. i know they are struggling but if they just go to church and get baptized i know they will have what they need but they just don’t do it. 

Elder Park

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