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Mexico Pachuca - Week 66 - February 16, 2015

(Excerpts from his email)

right now everything is good. we only had one baptism this week Gibran but it was great. i will send some pictures. he was super happy and his family was there and also felt super good. we are hoping his parents could be the next couple baptisms. The sisters also had a baptism and it went really well. sounds like things are crazy but going great. i am really glad for ty i wish i was better about all that stuff when i was his age but its great and i am super glad he is way better than me. definitely the mission now is super different. we focus a lot more on us and what we have to learn and do as missionaries and sometimes its amazing the progress we have. i think i was super surprised yesterday. me and my companion were playing a game with questions from the scriptures. i played before when i started the mission and i sucked at it. i didn’t know anything and last night i knew pretty much all the answers. its crazy cause i really don’t think i know the scriptures super well but just for studying everyday and focusing a little more you get so much more out of it. i am reading the book of Mormon in Spanish again and i just finished all the little books in the middle, Omni, words of Mormon, Jarom, Enos all those and i learned so much. its crazy i never really paid much attention to those books before but now that i reread it i just noticed a bunch of little things i never noticed before not even in English haha

M: So what about your other investigators, where are they?

: we got some good ones. Blanca is good. she says she’s not ready for her baptism yet but soon. she keeps coming to church and loves it just has some family problems. Joseline a 9 year old girl is awesome. she planched her dad and now he’s coming to church to get ready to baptize her. Rosa is another sister who is awesome. she had some problems but everything is working out great for her to keep progressing. Alberto is super ready for his baptism on the 28th. and the Mendoza family. thank you mom. i was kinda giving up on them but we talked to the mom and things are a little better. she told why she hasn’t been going to church and she said for the first time in a couple weeks she prayed and asked for a sign about what to do and that same day we went to go visit them. she said that was the sign she was waiting for. she was all ready to go to church and everything but her husband wouldn’t let her go. i wanted to punch him in the face but at least the mom is a little better. we just gotta keep helping them and hopefully in march. 

M: Yes, those are great prospects.  What happen to the ones that needed to be married? Not sure why you are thanking me. All I can do is pray and encourage from a far.  I am especially praying for the Mendoza family.  I too believe that if they will take the leap of faith, their lives will change.  Dad and I are hoping to get to the temple this week Friday, i will add their names to the temple prayer list.  Don't give up on them, not that my feelings mean anything, but I feel good about them and I know there is a miracle waiting for them at the end of this very difficult struggle.  It's kind of like Laman and Lemuel, even with all the signs they fight it and rebel.  But that's okay, i believe Lehi prayed for them till the very end of his life and then more when he returned to the Father.

EP: they are still waiting to get married but she’s pretty sure for march if they get married. thank you for telling me to not give up on them cause i was pretty ready to give up on them. no i didn’t get anything but hopefully Wednesday. there are changes tomorrow so someone will go to the offices and bring mail. me and my companion don’t have changes though

M: Has it been six weeks since the last changes.  It really is going by pretty quickly.  
 Yes, don't give up.  Maybe you don't have to concentrate so much on them, but don't forget them, keep them on your radar and let them know you will be there when they are ready or when they need to talk or whatever.  

So what does planched mean? You said Joseline planched her dad?

EP: : it is flying. why what did you send? planched is like grilled. so there family was super inactive but last week joseline and her mom and brother came to church but the dad didn’t want to. she told him when you want to come you can always come with us but if not were going come on mom lets go. and this week we told her to pressure him to baptize her cause that's what she really wanted and she did. we went Saturday and he said the prayer to start and told us he was gonna come to church to prepare to baptize his daughter and it was super cool. and her dad gave me two suits haha. 

M: Kind of like you and dad.  I truly believe that baptizing you was what finally got dad to join the church.  Hopefully being able to baptize his daughter will bring him joy and closeness in his relationship with her and the family and then  they will not turn back.  It is amazing what children can do for their families. Sometimes they are the key to the home.  So how come he gave you those suits?

EP: hopefully, he seemed super happy after church and his wife was super excited when we went on Saturday to talk to them. i love that family a lot they are super cool. for his work he has a lot of suits and they give him suits super cheap so he had 4 that he doesn’t use. he gave me two and my companion 2. 

ok story of the week mom. so after the baptism we had food. its called cochinita. its pretty much like pulled pork its was super good but the hermano that made it also made a salsa but it was insanely hot. It was so funny everyone was dying. todos nos enchilamos bien gacho. i don’t know how to say that in English. we all were like dying cause it was so hot. so after we invited two other missionaries to come and try it and i was the bad guy and told them all to try to salsa cause it was super good and not too hot. they all started dying and we were all laughing super hard. one elder was like o ya that was pretty hot i almost cried but i didn’t i had to be a man. and the other was like nah it wasn’t super hot and then when he was leaving he was like ya I’m gonna cry now.  it was awesome. 

M: Have I told you lately how happy you look in the pictures I see.  That is fabulous and we are grateful everyday to the Lord that you are happy and enjoying this experience to the fullest.  I am sure you are only sharing parts of your mission with us and there are so many other experiences that you have had and will have that will direct your future.  I am just so grateful to the Lord that this experience has been so good for you, hard as it is at times, I know you are happy and well.

EP: ya i am super happy right now.  its been a little tough but its been amazing. i have changed and grown in so many ways. i am excited to come home and see everyone again but i don’t want to leave yet haha so many other things to do. i am excited for another cycle here. hopefully things go as planned and it should be an amazing month in march. 

Elder Park

Happy Birthday Elder Park

Gibran's Baptism - 2/14/2015


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