Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Mexico Pachuca - Week 65 - February 9, 2015

(Excerpts from his email)

sounds like a great week for you guys. full of ups and downs but overall good. i think for us too. ups and downs but overall a good week. struggling with some people but others are progressing really well.

M: So I am waiting for you to give me a little more than that!  How was your birthday?

: birthday was normal. i didn’t want any one to know about it this year and we just worked. nothing special but a good day. the sister missionaries bought cupcakes and we ate cupcakes but nothing super crazy. 

M: Okay, so what's up, are you okay?  

EP: ya i am great. this week hopefully we got some baptisms. one is super sure. we got 3 maybes haha. we gotta go talk to the Mendoza family. they didn’t go again but were gonna talk to them about just letting the daughters go cause they want to. we will see what happens. I got another Gibran story haha. so we went to go visit him last night. he couldn’t go to church cause every third Sunday he works. so we get there and he’s like guess what. my boss told me if i cant work Sundays there’s no problems just let him know. Gibran was like super surprised he said it was something he wasn’t expecting at all but was super happy. Now he can go to church every Sunday and he is just super happy and so are we. it was a crazy experience. he has really had miracles in his life. its crazy how the lord just gives us these little miracles when we are really doing what we gotta do like you said.

M: Yes, the Lord is good to us.  Gibran sounds like a gem and the Lord is true to His promise that the signs will follow!  So is Gibran the super sure baptism?  How is Blanca? 

EP: Gibran is super sure. Blanca is like 50/50. we just need to talk to her super good. i think she will cause she likes going to church and everything is good. we just need to confirm with her.

M: So how do you spend your p-days now that you are back in the city?

EP: p days normally we just go play soccer somewhere. last week we played in the chapel with a bunch of elders and today we just went to a park and played with some kids. it was good but its kinda boring. haha i gotta find where to play soccer when i get home haha. gotta go love you guys have a great week.

Elder Park
Elder Park’s Zone – Tecamac II

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