Thursday, June 19, 2014

Mexico Pachuca - Week #31 - June 16, 2014

(Excerpts from his email)

 Hey ok so first of all my new companion is elder Ortega. He’s from Columbia and he has 18 months in the mission. Things are going pretty good.

 Elder Park and Elder Ortega

America’s baptism was great. We taught her everything this week and she was able to get baptized this Saturday and i did the baptism. It was actually really cool because she was like my first baptism that i was there for her whole conversion process. From the very first time she got to church till her baptism and confirmation. 

Elder Park, America and Elder Ortega

M: That's very cool son, is she your one and only?

D: That sounds so great. We are so happy for you and America. Hopefully you were good with the words. I still get teased for not remembering all of Tyler’s name when I ordained him a deacon.

 EP: haha i was actually super nervous when i did it like o man i hope i do everything good so i don’t have to do it again. Yes she (America) will be my only baptism of the mission, she asked me to do it so i said ok. if someone else asks i have to explain that i can’t and why and all that it kinda sucks. there’s exceptions for like little kids that ask and maybe won’t understand but ya. 

 Um stories. Ok so we also went and gave service this Saturday. We helped a member put a cement water tank on his roof it was super hard. The worst part was we had to carry cement blocks up to the roof to make a base for the tank so i was standing on the ladder with my back towards the ladder and facing out. A member passed me a block from the bottom and i passed it up to the roof. One time i lost my balance and i swear i almost died. i started like falling off the ladder so i was just like o man holding the block with one hand and trying to reach the ladder with the other. Luckily i was able to regain my balance and didn’t fall.
Mis Cuates (My Friends) Three past companions at transfers
Soccer mania even in Mexico!
And Mexican Chinese food too! Looks just like at home.

Elder Park

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