Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Mexico Pachuca - Week 30 - June 9, 2014

(Excerpts from his email)

EP: Yes transfers tomorrow, or my companion has changes so we will see what happens. We are having a baptism for America this Saturday its crazy cause today we only had our second lesson with her but we talked to her yesterday and she wants to get baptized and knows its all true so we just gotta prepare her for the interview. We are going to meet with her everyday and it’s gonna be great. If you don’t reply i will try to find a story but also if you didn’t send the box yet can you send li hing powder a Hermana wants. She’s from Arizona, Hermana Cardon, but she like loves Hawaii food. apparently there’s a bunch of polys so she like loves chicken katsu, spam musubī, li hing mui and loo.

M: So I am happy that you were able to learn whatever lesson the Lord had for you.  Take the good, the work ethic and move on.

I'm excited about your baptism, is her name really America?  That's interesting, why is that her name?

EP: Ya her names America. There’s actually more than a few here that i have known i don’t know why. Oh also mom funny story, but i might have to get a tattoo haha! We went with an investigator and he’s super cool and his whole family but they don’t really want to go to church or anything and we were just talking. i don’t know how but tattoos came up and he was like i will get baptized if you both (me and my companion) get tattoos with me. I think a tattoo for a saved soul is a pretty good price no?

M: No!!!!! That's the answer. Unless you want to ask president and he says it's okay?!?!?!? Funny, but no!!!!

So you doing ok?

EP: haha nah he said after the mission we come back and we can all get tattoos together. 

Ya I’m doing good. I feel a lot of hope for tomorrow.

Well I gotta go we got a lesson but have a great week love you guys. 

Elder Park

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