Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Mexico Pachuca - Week 22 - April 14, 2014

(Excerpts from email)

Q: How are things?
A: I had an interview with president that was good pretty much the same but he said some cool stuff. he said to never take anything for granted: my parents, growing up in the church, and also the special spirit and gifts that my heavenly father has given to me. me and my companion are doing really good. investigators are going ok. the girls we are pushing their baptism back one week because this sunday they didnt go to church. everyone just started spring break so they left like the whole weekend with their family. Darinel, we are still talking to him and i think his mom is going to get baptized so hopefully that will help him but im not sure.

Q: Did you pass home inspection, I saw some glimpses of your home on the missin blog.
A: Yeah we passed with flying colors, she said it was awesome. it should be, we cleaned like crazy before they came!

Q: Story?
A: Well something cool did happened this week. so every friday theres mutual but obviously the young men donʻt do scouts so they just play soccer. itʻs an awesome oppurtunity to invite people to the chapel. so this week we had like 10 young men come to the chapel and play soccer with us. it was really cool and hopefully will lead to more. they all live on the same street and are always outside playing so whenever we walk by now they always say hi and ask when we are going to play again. the next step is teaching them and their families and getting them to come on sundays too which is insanely hard cuz no one wants to go to church its ridiculous. but its a great way for us to build a relationship and hopefully they will open up and all of them can come to church together with us and they can help each other out
     M: Wow, that is awesome.  Do you wish you played soccer now?!?!?! I never realized that they did not do scouts in Mexico, you just assumed everyone does it! How old are these boys?  Do you find that teaching the kids is easier and does that eventually lead to families?
     EP: yes i do, its actually,itʻs super fun here cuz they play on the basketball court, like under all the hoops they just have a small goal so its small and fast and fun. 
Haha i just assumed too but it is called boy scouts of america i think itʻs a USA thing. 
They are young, 9 to like 13 i think. its easier and harder. they listen but their parents, not always. actually usually not at all and even if the kids want to learn and go to church and get baptized if their parents say no its no and we cant do anything.
     M: Well then planting is what you will continue to do for now.  If the hoops are there, do you ever play basketball?
 I always wondered why missionaries end up teaching the children and not so much the adults, but children are so much more open to new things, where like Darinel, adults have a harder time giving up what's always been.  
     EP: Yeah we play sometimes but its not the same.
Yes families make everything or ruin everything. so many people just donʻt want to change because of their families and traditions and all that. its hard cuz they know its true but they just dont want toaccept it.
      M: Well, like President said, we need to be grateful and not take for granted what we have.

Q: So you good?
A: Yes I am good. Thank you.

Elder Park

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