Monday, April 27, 2015

Mexico Pachuca - Week 76 - April 27, 2015

(Excerpts from his email)

sounds good mom. ya i forget who told us that too but we also talked about that, you can learn new things every day. This week was busy and today we had an activity and we got a lesson soon so i probably wont be able to talk much today but the biggest news of the week is elder Bednar is coming to Pachuca. we are gonna be able to hear him and shake his hand and stuff.

M: That's cool and he is so awesome to listen to.  Coach Chow shared a story about him.  Just what a great example he was to those around him.  It was neat and I am so very jealous.  Get a picture if you can.

So before you have to run, a story please.

hah probably not gonna be able to get a picture but Hermana Egbert will probably take some. um well a cool story i guess was we have still kinda been struggling and its been kinda rough. we had a horrible day to start off Thursday but we ended pretty good. we went with a sister who has been listening forever and we talked about baptism and she as like ya i made a decision I’m gonna get baptized on may 10th. it was pretty crazy and then we went to another investigator and he was like i read the pamphlet about the restauracion and i couldn’t get joseph smith out of my mind. i was just thinking about him and if he was really a prophet all night long and i cant get the book of Mormon out of my head. its like its just calling to me all the time. i just want to read it. it was pretty crazy but his wife is super like bleh. it sucks cause this guy is amazing and would probably be like super close to getting baptized but his wife is just like not there.

M: It starts with one, or a small seed and it will grow.  Sometimes it is just good to talk story about it and have her hear the stories. She will come around when she is ready. I am glad that things are looking up, even if it is just a little,

EP: so interviews were pretty crazy. as a zone leader we had to be there all day and after president and sister Egbert took us out to eat. there was a huge tv in the restaurant and the basketball playoffs were on and i only had to gouge out my eyes to not watch haha. 

M: You are so funny, it will be here when you get home!

How did your interview go?

EP: it was good. we talked about what i told you last week. how i just felt the impression to just keep working. he told me ya a lot of time we just have to do that. and he shared a story about something similar. so it was good. and then we talked about like all the missionaries in the zone.

M: So far, in your new responsibility, what is your greatest take away, what have you learned?
EP: a lot of stress and always being tired haha. nah its been cool. its a lot more responsibility and its a little harder cause we cant like check up on all the missionaries we gotta trust in the district leaders to help them so its kinda hard. we gotta like work down the chain to get things done and they usually don’t get done like we want them too but were trying haha. 

M: Tired means you are working hard and if it is a good tired, it's satisfying. Learning how to deal with things that are sometimes out of your control, hard lesson, but a good one to learn now.  It’s where I am and the stuff we have been talking about. We gatta learn to not stress about things out of our control and make the things that are in our control the best that they can be.  It's good life lessons for you. PTT is huge in these times!

EP: ya but i gotta go sorry. love you guys talk to you guys in a week. have a great week.

Elder Park

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