Monday, April 13, 2015

Mexico Pachuca - Week 74 - April 13, 2015

(Excerpts from his email)

we have had that kind of week too here, long and hard but a lot of learning. we have spent the last two weeks looking for people to teach and looking and looking but its been a little hard. not a lot of success and not the success as fast as we would like but we just gotta keep going. something i have learned on the mission more than anything else is that we can do anything, if we choose to do something we can do it. There’s a talk that says we can be creatures of circumstances or creators of circumstances. haha like a member told us yesterday my kids have the choice about church. they can choose to go to church happy or they can choose to go to church mad. sometimes we cant choose our circumstances or the things that happen around us but we can choose to make the best of it.

M: Yes, that is what I am learning, I always have control over how I react to circumstances, people, events, etc. I just have to choose to react better and to continue to move forward rather than allow it to stall me or push me back.

Some pictures from the field:

chile habanero contest round 2. before and after

Ate bugs for the first time

M: really son, bugs for food?  

EP: if they give it you you gotta eat it. they were ok. just like super crunchy i think the worst part was thinking i cant believe I’m eating bugs!

well this week we walked the loads again. talking to so many people and its been a little hard. i feel more tired than ever i feel like I’m working harder than my whole mission and I’m having less success haha it kinda sucks but that’s part of life i feel. so this week we had our zone training. first time i had to give the zone training but it was really good. i learned a lot and i feel like me and my companion are working hard on getting better at that part. we talked about asking heaven inspired questions. so we have been trying to do that more. so we had a lesson with a sister named bertha. we started by asking a bunch of questions getting to know her and stuff like that. it was a super good lesson and then the member that came with us shared an awesome testimony. she just said the best thing that helped her in her life was finding the true gospel. she was super direct but super sure of herself and it was a really powerful testimony. its a really simple sister who probably doesn’t know much but she could share what she knew with a lot of confidence and it was really cool. then the daughter of bertha came and listened to like the second half of the lesson. at the end of the lesson the mom accepted the invitation to get baptized and her daughter was like are you crazy what are you saying. i think its just a testimony of how much a strong testimony and some questions can help people feel the spirit and do things you would never imagine. it was cool but she didn’t come to church so that sucked. gotta go sorry so fast. love you have a great week

Elder Park

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