Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Mexico Pachuca - Week 62 - January 19, 2015

(Excerpts from his email)

hey mom sounds good. It’s crazy to think Apo’s home already but that’s cool i guess. i don’t wanna  come home yet haha. i am feeling good in my new area. getting things going al little bit. still a lot of work to do but i am excited to get things done. good for dad and ty. hopefully next year i can help out a little bit.

Welcome Home Sister Chong from faithful service in the Fiji Suva Mission. Well Done!

M: I don't think she wanted to come home yet either! But like I told her and I told you, the Lord calls you for a time and that time will eventually be up and it is time to move on to a new adventure and calling.

: haha what’s up with Kino’s skirt haahahahha. Papa’s tie is cool. send me some of those haha. um story. well this week was just a little disappointing. we talked to the loads of people and it was a little hard a bunch of people didn’t want anything to do with us but then Friday and Saturday we had some great days. we found a bunch of people who were interested and everyone said they were gonna come to church and then no one came. but we are still excited. we have a family that has been listening to the missionaries for ever and they are really great they just don’t want to get baptized for some reason but we are gonna work super hard with them and were gonna see if they can get baptized this week. we also got a great sister named Abi who’s probably gonna get baptized this week or the next. she just has to get married. so i might be paying for a wedding haha just to let you know. she is super awesome and super ready. she read the whole gospel principles book and is super excited. o story so we went to her house and ate this Saturday after the food we were talking to her and her neighbors were gonna kill a turkey so we opened the window shades and watched cause she never saw it before. o man it was brutal and then after she was like o my gosh that is not of God haha it was super funny.

M: So i am glad that your attitude is as it should be. You truly have the right spirit in this. I am wondering about you paying for a wedding, what does that mean? I just want you to be careful, if it is the Lord's will then you know we will support you and get you what you need, reasonably, but you need to make sure that this is what you should be doing.  Okay, I feel like a regular mom again! I know that you will use your head and listen to the spirit to make right choices.

I'm excited for you that you have potentials.  How is your area, your ward?

EP: nah its cause they charge like 900 pesos to get married here and the family is kinda struggling so the bishop is gonna see what they can pay what the ward can do to help but if there still isn’t enough me and my companion are gonna pitch in as well.

 its alright. were going in the right direction. its not perfect but i doubt there are any perfect wards but what i like about here is that the people are willing to work. a lot of members are willing to work. we just need to work together to find people to teach and help them get to church.

M: Ok, I am good if the Bishop and the ward is helping, then you can totally make up the difference. 

I'm glad that the ward is willing to work with you, in your email to president, that was the biggest problem in Xico.  I'm excited for you.  That's super cool and we always hear that when we are willing to work with the missionaries, the work moves along so much better. 

So how are you, you sound good.  Tell me how things are different in the city compared to the country like Xico.

EP: ya its something i wished i did when i was home but something I’m gonna repent for. haha i will help the missionaries more at home. especially with friends like it says in my blessing.

There’s just houses and buildings here. no green but its cool. more fast-paced and just a totally different feeling, in the country its more calm and relaxed.

M: we all have work to do and we all need to be better.  I am glad that you are remembering and constantly referring to your blessing, it will be a wonderful tool for you through out your life.

What did you guys do today for p-day?  How are things going in your district?

EP: we went to the chapel and ate tacos and played some soccer. things are going ok there are some problems but normal stuff everything is good. but i gotta go i will talk to you in a week. love you guys have a great week.  
Elder Park

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