Monday, January 12, 2015

Mexico Pachuca - Week 61 - January 12, 2015

(Excerpts from his email)

hey mom i am good. i am in a new area called Huicholes in the state of Mexico pretty close to Mexico City. Its super different. I miss my little towns super far away from everything haha. now i am like right in the city. and it is super dry here. like in Xico it was humid but here its super dry so my lips literally are dying and bleeding but all in all we are good here

M: Did you buy yourself some chapstick or do I need to send you some, what about lotion for your skin?

I know this is just the preview and you are writing more details about your area, your companion, what's new etc.

: ya i got chapstick. nah my skin is fine just my lips haha. the area is like city and right now we don’t have like any one. we are working hard to find people to teach. it sucks i left a bunch of people in Xico and came to nothing but its ok gotta go to work. my new companion is elder Hernandez from Tijuana and he’s got pretty much the same time as me a few months less.

M: So has your companion been in that area for a while or are you both new?  Do you have leadership assignments?

EP: he’s been here for one cycle. um ya i am now district leader.

so my story for the week. we were walking one night and found a drunk guy walking in the street we helped him for a little and then we left him when he said he was almost home .then we found him like 10 minutes later and he was super lost. he asked us for help and i felt bad so we walked him home. we finally got back to his house and his granddaughter was like o thank you so much. were gonna go back sometime this week and hopefully find him sober so we can teach him. hopefully he remembers us and will listen haha.

M: Thank you for the story.  When you find people in that state, do you allow the spirit to tell you if they are harmless?  How do you know if they are safe?  Just wondering, I am glad that you were able to help him and take him home, eventually.  Meeting him two times is probably not a coincidence and I would guess that he was put in your path for a reason.  I am hoping and I will pray that this is your beginning in Huicholes and there will be many more to follow.

EP: idk he was an older guy and super nice so i thought it was ok. o and i just talked to elder piña in xico and no investigators went to church yesterday. i don’t know what happened but that kinda sucks haha. I’m thinking a lot about xico and here and not just my area now but the whole district. its a lot but i love it haha. the companions good. today we went to go play soccer in the park with some students and it was fun. I’m not super good but i at least hold my own haha.

M: How big is your district? How does being the district leader differ, what are your responsibilities?

EP: ya the whole leader thing isn’t freaking me out. i feel pretty normal and i feel like i can help them. we are in the same situation as we were in xico, we just gotta work and find people to teach. i just hope they listen to me and go to work hahah. My district is me my companion and 4 sisters. the difference is every Wednesday i have to give the district class. that kinda sucks you know me and talking in front of people but i think i am doing ok so far haha. i am like in charge of these 3 areas. i gotta keep track of what they are doing and how to help them work better.

ok well i gotta go but one more story. haha so yesterday some Jehovah’s witnesses knocked our door. it was cold so i had my jacket and my name tag was under so he didn’t know i was a missionary. he starts talking to me super nice and asking me questions and sharing scriptures and everything and then he’s like so you live here. and I’m like well were renting right now were missionaries from the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints so we change a lot. his face changed super fast and was like o you’re mormons? and i was like ya? and he was like but there’s always a foreigner with you guys. and i was like um ya I’m not Mexican I’m from Hawaii. he was like o ok well have a great day bye. it was super funny as soon as i said i was a missionary he like completely changed and left as soon as possible it was weird.
have a great week love you guys. tell ty don’t worry about getting crazy about sports. in my mission i have gone to play soccer in the park twice and both times there were fights. well today not really but almost and the first time ya a legit fight. so its pretty normal haha. love you guys. 
M: Funny story, love you too and no FIGHTING in sports of any kind is not acceptable!
Elder Park

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