Monday, December 15, 2014

Mexico Pachuca - Week 57 - December 14, 2014

(Excerpts from his email)

this week was good. the primary presentation was good and the best part was we had the loads of investigators come. we had 11 investigators there with us. it was really cool.

M: That's awesome son! Did Desiree's parents come to see her?  How did Edu do?

: ya Desiree’s parents came and Edu’s parents. They both did good, sang the songs and read the scriptures.

M: Wow. that's great.  I am happy for the kids.  I told you, somehow it all works out. 

EP: yes it was really good. Edu went in his suit and everything it was super cool. i just hope the investigators keep coming back. its bad i was talking to my companion and was like in every other area i was worried more that the investigators will never get to the chapel but here i am nervous and worried when they are in the chapel that some one or something is gonna happen haha. but i just need to have more faith. in general i think the investigators had a good time. i hope so. 

M: I am glad that everything went well.  I am afraid that you might have gotten that from me.  I worry about everything ten times more than I should.  But, you did your part and got them to the chapel.  I am glad that there was no incident.  It was a perfect meeting to have the investigators come, children bring a wonderful spirit and happiness that is hard to deny.   I'm sure that they felt a wonderful spirit and yes, faith is important.  We need to trust that Heavenly Father will allow the spirit to touch their hearts no matter what happens.

EP: ya we had a guy come for the first time and he had to leave right after the sacrament meeting but he was like ya i got a thing to do but next Sunday i won’t plan anything so i can be with you guys all day and i was just like wow. That’s awesome.

M: That's great son, at least you know you have one coming back!  I am sure that you are fine and that the Lord will bless you and your companion for your efforts. 

How are your Saturday activities going? 
EP: um its ok. hard cause the ward really doesn’t help us so we have to do everything every week but last week we had like 15 people come to watch Johnny lingo haha. the youth are good but only they come to the activities.

M: I know you carry the brunt of the work in that area and they have been very blessed that you are willing to do so much.   But again, I know that the Lord sees your efforts and the lasting effects you will make on the kids that you serve will hopefully last their entire lives and the generations to come.  So hard as it may be, know that you are doing the Lord's work and therefor when done with the right heart and purpose, He will bless it and there will be blessings and growth.

By the way, I love Johnny Lingo! I'm curious if it translates in to Spanish and has the same effect, "Mahana you Ugly" kind of just rolls off the tongue!

Well son, what else is going on, give me a story.

EP: haha no its not as good in Spanish. um so this week we met a guy named Jaime. He’s cool, has had a tough life and needs the gospel. we talked to him a little and invited him to church and he came. He’s the one that only stayed for sacrament. but the coolest part was some one sat by him the whole sacrament meeting. this guy isn’t even a member and is from Oregon. his family is members and they came for the holidays. so he got up in the meeting and sat next to Jaime because Jaime got there alone. he sat by him the whole sacrament and was talking to him after and everything. it was super cool. after the meeting we find out he’s not even a member and i was just like wow. some one from Oregon who’s not even a member and do this and the people with years and years in the church who live here can’t.  it was just amazing to see. Jaime talked to us and when he was going to leave he went to look for the other guy and shook his hand before he left. it was just a testament to how much we can help people just by being there to welcome them,  make them feel good and that any one can do it. gotta go talk to you guys in a week love you guys.

Elder Park

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