Monday, December 8, 2014

Mexico Pachuca - Week 56 - December 8, 2014

(Excerpts from his email)

This week has been pretty good for us too. Not great but good. The ward went to the temple and a family i have gotten to know pretty well went to the temple to get sealed and they shared their testimonies this Sunday and that was awesome. It was amazing to hear and just feel the spirit.

M: Now that, a family being sealed is ultimate success. I can only imagine the feelings and the spirit that was there, it must have been awesome.  I would guess that at times like that, you really know why you are there and that there is a precious truth to what you teach.  Families being sealed for time and all eternity is the ultimate goal.  Well done.

So tell me about your week, what made it a good one?

: That the family was able to go to the temple was awesome. We also started talking to one of the friends of the dad in that family and he is awesome. He has some family problems because he lives with his in-laws and they are super catholic so they didn’t want us to go and talk to him in his house and he was like normally i would just leave it at that. I would just say for my family its better we just stop here but i felt something and i am willing to go somewhere else to keep listening. He really is looking for the truth and the lessons with him are awesome. 

M: Amazing what the spirit can do when we allow it to dwell with us!  Sounds like your investigator has felt the spirit and has been prepared for you to teach.  Hopefully, slowly, he will bring a different spirit to his home and the family will be more open. So how are the lessons different with this investigator? Are the questions he asks different?

EP: He is just a lot more ready. He asks amazing questions and his desire is amazing. He’s just like i just want to know the truth and how i can receive an answer from god and have the same surety in my answer like you guys have. You can really just see his desire and that he really will do anything and whatever it takes to get what he is looking for.

M: That is awesome.  The fact that he is willing to go out of his home to learn lets you know he is ready.  I am excited for him and for you.

So how was the primary presentation, did the kids do their part?  How are your other investigators? How is Edu and Desiree, Marcos, their family?

EP: primary presentation is this Sunday and not so sure how its gonna go. The primary president is freaking out. Hopefully all goes well. We got some investigators. The family Rosendo and Minerva that gotta get married hopefully they can do that this week or the next. We got a member that is gonna help them out. Minerva is awesome. We were talking to her and she was like i think the church is true because i have felt super good in the chapel. I feel in family and i feel like it’s the truth. It was super awesome. Edu is still great getting ready for the presentation but his family is still not progressing with him. I love that family so much (He’s talking about the children below in the photo, Avelino, Aquetzali, Desiree and Marcos.)

M: I think we all do a little freaking out before each presentation, but the Lord is good to us and the children always do really well, I am sure the kids will do great.

I am glad Edu is still involved and that things are good for him. I am sad that his family is not progressing. 

What makes them special for you?

EP: Ya we are hoping. I don’t know just cause they have such a hard situation to live with but i really see them trying hard to do what they have to do and see them progressing. I don’t know i have just come to love them so much and i wish i could just help them with everything in their lives. They have become like little siblings for me. Maybe because Avelino and Aquetzali and Marcos are all around Ty’s age or idk. I just really love them a lot.

M: They have been a special part of your life in Xico and will continue to be.  You will always pray for them and they will always remember the difference you made in their lives, even if for a short time period.  Teach them as much as you can.  Teach them to feel the spirit and live their lives so they can always feel the spirit and they will have a far better chance of staying close to the spirit.  We too will keep them in our prayers.  Don't give up on the parents, hearts can always be softened when you trust and lean on the Lord.  Enjoy the time you have their son and do what you can to build their foundation in Christ.

EP: yes gonna do everything i can cause probably not gonna be here much longer. Ok i will talk to you guys in a week love you guys.

Elder Park


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