Thursday, October 17, 2013

MTC Week 2

Hey family,
The MTC is going good. The days are pretty much the same everyday and it's a lot of class but I'm learning spanish ok. We're still learning like basic sentence patterns right now so it's not too bad. I really don't have much to say my days are pretty much all the same with class and study time all day. We also have dinner at 4:20everyday and that kinda sucks cause it's ridiculously early and I would get hungry again late at night like right before bed so earlier this week I went to the little store by our apartment and bought a bunch of chicken saimin and eat that some nights. I also bought a can of spam and cook it with the iron and foil in our room. It's working out pretty good for now. Other than that the days are pretty much the same every day. It's going ok and I'm ok. I love you guys. Sorry I don't have any pictures because the computers at the MTC don't let you upload pictures. 
Elder Park

Elder Cardwell (Trent's Companion), Elder Park, Sister Ae (KS classmate), Sister Ae's companion

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