Thursday, October 10, 2013

MTC Week 1

Hey familia,
So today is the first p-day for me and my district and the week has been pretty crazy. The first two days was kind of overwhelming because we had so much stuff to do and it felt like there wasn't enough time. It didn't help that our classes are in 99% spanish, but I feel like even after one week I'm learning the language pretty well. My district is 8 guys including me that all came in on the same day and we are all going to Pachuca. It's been fun and they are all really nice and easy to get along with. Conference was pretty amazing because all the missionaries were in a gym and the spirit was incredibly strong. It was probably the first time that I watched one whole session all the way through and this weekend I had to watch 5. My testimony has grown tremendously in the past few days alone. I got a few funny stories from this week though um starting with my language deficiencies. I learned how important accents are because I was talking to my companion and my teacher over heard and he said that papa with no accent is potato and papa with an accent over the second a in dad. So the whole time I was talking about my potato. Gym time is pretty much the only time we get to go out and do things so it's one of the best times of the day. yesterday we went to the field and were playing soccer cause some of the guys played soccer before. So like 10 seconds before we had to leave one of the guys who played soccer wound up and kicked the ball super hard right into my face. It was terrible. My nose was bleeding and like my lips were buzzing it was pretty amazing I didn't break my nose but I'm fine. well i miss you all and I hope to hear from you guys soon to let me know what's going on down there.
elder Park

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